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The start-up-company „Inova Protein” starts production of insect meal – new production location at the industrial area Roggentin

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy – this is very true in the case of mealworms. Until now the start-up-company “Inova Protein” from Rostock has only been researching in this field. Now the founders take the first leap: their own production of insect meal

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The hydrogen era begins with the hydrogen power plant in Laage

“The hydrogen era begins with the hydrogen power plant at the company APEX in Rostock Laage. It is planned to become the first CO2-neutral industrial park in Europe.

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Rostock County Council takes position 170 in the regional ranking 2020

The regional ranking by the Institute for German Economic Research (IW – Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft) has a differentiated view on the development in rural and urban regions. This interregional comparison contributes to the development of an action plan to ensure equivalent living conditions considering regional development paths.

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2G has received an order from APEX Energy for a hydrogen combined heat and power unit (CHP)

APEX Energy Teterow GmbH in Rostock-Laage has awarded 2G Energy AG in Heek with an order for a highly innovative hydrogen combined heat and power unit (H2-CHP). The unit is going to be operated with hydrogen generated from renewable energy.

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Applications for the project competition „Modellregionen” can be submitted as from now

Start of the project competition “Modellregionen” (Model Regions) for implementation of the tourism concept of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania